Cutting Room Floor: Berkshire Brewing Company

Over the years, we have built quite a few brands. In the process, we produce dozens and dozens of concepts, iterations and variations as we move from an idea to a complete brand. Our Cutting Room Floor series gives you a peek at some of the concepts that never made the cut.

This month we give you a glimpse of some of the Berkshire Brewing Company brand iterations.

In 2014, Berkshire Brewing Company approached us to help reinvent and redesign their existing brand to coincide with their 20th anniversary.  Since 1994, Berkshire Brewing Company has been a pioneer in the craft beer brewing market in Massachusetts. They have since grown into a pillar of the craft beer community across New England and helped pave the way for a wave of new, exciting breweries around the region. With that growth came the need for a fresh take on the brand. Our goal was to craft an identity to help introduce Berkshire to a new, younger, hipper audience without alienating their devoted customer base of 20 years.

We aimed to create a brand that honored where they came from as small, integrity- and quality-driven craft brewery, while also allowing them to stand out in the growing field of new beers and breweries (and an increasingly crowded cooler!). With the overarching company rebrand came the opportunity to revisit bottle labeling, apparel, uniforms, packaging design and delivery truck graphics, along with a unique sub-branding system for their 30 (and counting!) individual beer varieties.

We are so honored and proud to have had the opportunity to work with a beloved brewery right in our own backyard and see the fruits of our labor in nearly every grocery store, restaurant, and music festival on a regular basis. It doesn’t hurt that the folks over at Berkshire are exceptionally kind and funny humans. Check out more of the work we do for Berkshire here.

Things are looking up!

Berkshire Brewing Company Logo Design

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