Cutting Room Floor: Bueno y Sano

Over the years, we have built quite a few brands. In the process, we produce dozens and dozens of concepts, iterations and variations as we move from an idea to a complete brand. Our Cutting Room Floor series gives you a peek at some of the concepts that never made the cut.

This month we give you a glimpse of some of the Bueno y Sano brand iterations.

A few years back, Bueno y Sano came to us to discuss re-envisioning the brand identity for this small chain of fast casual Mexican/Salvadoran restaurants, which hadn’t been revisited in a significant way since the first storefront was opened in Amherst, MA in 1995. The goal was to have the brand reflect Bueno’s core values: simple, honest and handcrafted. We had a lot of fun building this brand system, especially refining what would become the iconic jalapeño and two unique sets of typefaces, lovingly named Bueno Uno and Bueno Dos. We worked closely with owner Bob Lowry, Rolando Saravia (owner of Bueno y Sano Springfield), and their teams over the course of several months to get the new brand off the ground. Now, several years later, we’ve really seen what this brand can do across multiple applications. From print to web to environmental graphics, there is (almost) nothing Bob hasn’t been willing to try with us (see: “Rolling Fatties since 1995” billboard). We worked with their app developer, Level Up, to create a slick custom, branded online ordering and rewards app that launched in Spring of 2017, much to the excitement of Bueno’s loyal fandom. You can see some of our most recent illustration work for Bueno’s “Good from the Start” campaign on their instagram.

Now, who’s hungry for a burrito?