Join us for Crit Day June 28th!

The Value of Critique

Here at Idea Collective, collaboration is crucial to producing high-quality creative work. The process of collaboration is many things at once: fun, frustrating, exhilarating, trying, rewarding. The list goes on. But we choose to work together because, at its best, collaboration is boundary pushing. We get better when we challenge ourselves and each other to approach an idea from a different perspective. A shift in perspective requires two fundamental (and hopefully dovetailing) skills: the ability to give and receive constructive criticism. Whether you design independently or with a team of your own, we grow as artists when we actively share our works-in-progress with an open mind and formulate thoughtful feedback for others doing the same.  

Next week, we’re sharing our space and knowledge to host Crit Day (6/28 at 6:30, to be exact). We hope you’ll bring your work, pin it up, get some feedback, and push some boundaries with us.

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