Workshop 2.0

July 12th: ILLUSTRATOR 2.0
As you know, one of the central tools in the design and illustration world is Adobe Illustrator. This is an industry standard software for the development of logos, layouts and more. During our first workshop on Illustrator, we introduced our guests to the basic interface and demonstrated some basic tools and tricks. In our Illustrator 2.0 workshop we will delve deeper into the design tools and introduce strategies for design. We will cover typography, color iconography and layout concepts. This workshop is perfect for people with basic knowledge of the software who are looking to develop a more in-depth, working knowledge of the creative platform. 

Free to all.
July 12th at 6:30pm. Idea Collective: 116 Pleasant Street, Suite 229. 



The Idea Collective team is not only creative and knowledgeable, we love to share. This year the Idea Collective is hosting workshops on a wide range of creative topics that are free and open to the public. Through these Wednesday workshops, we intend to follow through on our commitment to support young creatives and local businesses.

These 90 minute workshops share what we have learned about the practice of design and ideation over the past 20 years. The topics range from skill development to illustration techniques to marketing strategy. To Join us for these casual instructional sessions and conversations, check out our website for dates and details.