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The SSTM Desk is designed to perform as an integrated technological and functional object. It is intended to aggregate a collection of different performance requirements and streamline them into a refined and higly intentional single entity. The desk incorporates various technologies and manages/conceals the complex network of wires and cables within its body, while hand-crafted walnut surfaces, edges and custom routed drawer units support analog drawing and writing. One of the top objectives was to create an object of grandeur, interactivity and complex technological systems, self-contained and requiring only a single plug that escapes from turned-down side of the desk to power the unit.

product Details

Walnut, Black-Stained Maple, Hardware,
Assorted Technologies

Size: 92”x22”x30”

tecnical specificationss

- Under-Desk Wireless Charger
- Integrated Bluetooth Sound Bar
- Supports 3 HDMI Displays
- Supports 1 Display Port Display
- 12 USB Computer Inputs
- 3 USB C Computer Inputs
- 6 USB Charging Points
- 12 Power Outlets
- Internal Cable Routing System
- Single Source Power Cord

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